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Nkoko Iju Africa(High Voice of Africa)

Nkoko Iju Africa is a native Pokomo name meaning HIGH VOICE OF AFRICA. We are a registered and independent nonprofit making organization that was established with a purpose of dealing with ethnic imbalance that have significant impact on the key populations, the lives of teenage mothers transiting to sex work, sex workers, LGBT sex workers at the grassroots level with a vision of improving their human rights status and implementing innovative, evidence based, cost effective advocacy campaigns that influence public policy and practice in the field of human rights. 

Our Programs 

What We Do.

LBGT and SW lack basic rights enshrined in the constitution due to the prevailing societal prejudices and it is our mission as Nkoko Iju Africa to champion for the following:
• Right to Work
• Right to Freedom of the Person
• Right to Health services.
• Right to Freedom of Assembly and Association
• Right to Equality and Non-Discrimination
• Right to Freedom of Opinion and Expression
• General Right to Dignity 


Sex workers and LGBTI groups have abusive comments and judgmental attitudes directed towards them. Most times health workers refuse to offer treatment to these groups .The organization seeks to:

• Building the capacity of healthcare providers
• Improving psycho-social support for FSW & GSM
• Integrating FSW & GSM in health policy forum
• Increasing the pool of knowledge about health that is accessible to the FSW & GSM (tools and information) 


• Engaging FSW & GSM in training forums on economic empowerment
• Business credit loans
• Business training access to finances
• Launch agriculturally based enterprises and support their growth
• Establishing policies to enhance transparency and accountability 




Nyali Mombasa, Kenya


Email:    nkokoijuafrica@mail.com                    
Phone: +254721915242