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Nkoko Iju Africa(High Voice of Africa)

Nkoko Iju Africa is a native Pokomo name meaning HIGH VOICE OF AFRICA. We are a registered and independent nonprofit making organization that was established with a purpose of dealing with ethnic imbalance that have significant impact on the key populations, the lives of teenage mothers transiting to sex work, at the grassroots level with a vision of improving their human rights status and implementing innovative, evidence based, cost effective advocacy campaigns that influence public policy and practice in the field of human rights.
The organization was established in the year 2009 as a self-help group under the name Kisauni Peer Educators. In the year 2016 one of our young sex worker was involved in a baseline survey spearheaded by LVCT HEALTH KENYA who wrote her story on the challenge they encounter as young sex workers. On looking to the concept, there was a need to stand up for the above key population, therefore the HIGH VOICE OF AFRICA was established and registered in May 2018 as a Community Based Organization.
HIGH VOICE OF AFRICA champions for the rights of young sex workers, responds to violence against sex workers and economically empower young sex workers. We are working in three counties, Mombasa Tana River and Kilifi. The High voice of Africa is a member of Mombasa Health Advocacy Network (MCHANE) and Pwani Gender Based Violence Network, KANCO, that addresses issues of gender in general and gender-based violence in particular at the coastal region of Kenya.

What We Do! 

 At Nkoko Iju Africa we contribute to sustainable HIV response through various strategies that include; strategies of; prevention, protection, treatment & management and positive living.

 Our prevention strategies include talking and counselling to our members about HIV, this is through one on one talk, issuing literature that talk about prevention and how to stay negative for those not yet infected this ensures our members are informed on how HIV is contracted and spread. And thereafter we encourage them to stay safe as they continue with their activities

 Under protection strategies we distribute condoms and lubes this is done at our offices and sometimes we take the commodities to them at various hotspots for those who may not find time to come to our offices, we share experiences and challenges facing our members and their clients of safe use of condoms with our members.

 At Nkoko we have a buddy system where our members talk to each other, encourage one another, remind positive members when to take drugs. This ensures that treatment regimen is followed to the latter so as not to increase treatment complications.

 We offer safe space for our members, this ensures our HIV positive members can rest when they come from work, take drugs before heading home.


Response to violence.

Our group responds to violence meted on our members especially when arrested, we supply drugs to the HIV positive members, other than that we take care of their children and constantly update the arrested members on the ware bouts of their families. This goes long way to help them cope with stresses and reduces the vagaries of the same that may lead to unexpected death as a result of stress and unavailability of drugs. In addition, we ensure the continuity of the programme by constantly being in touch with the police department at our jurisdiction as well as the judiciary that has led to quicker settlement of cases.  



Mariline Laini

Executive Director 

Anita Nelson

Program Manager

Lucy Kiragu

Outreach Coordinator



Nyali, Mombasa Kenya 


Phone: +254721915242



Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.